Broad Topic: Listening The Classical Music
Topic: The benefits of listening classical music
Specific Purpose: To convince my audience listen a lot of classical music in their life.
Central Idea: Even is just a feeling, but the classical music became an important role in our life, it will bring a lot of benefits to us.

A. Attention Getter
1. Capture the attention of your audience:
-Do you always feel stress during your studying, assignments or the time you face a problem?
-Our country is more develop than before, but is less of develop the mentality/psychology of citizen.
-The problem is here, sometime during the time we feel stress or uncomfortable in mentality didn’t have any way to release and solve it.
-We always see some people suicide because of stress, some people doing the crime because of pressure of life.
-If we don’t want to find the Psychiatrist, can we just use any simple way to solve the problem just now I mention it?

2. Authenticate the value ‘What’s in it for me?”
-In my minds, Classical music is a "Universal Language" in all of us, not religious, place, or time.

3.Reveal the topic of your speech.
Today I would like to promote about a good behavior to all of you- listening classical music

4.Preview the body of the speech.
The behavior of listening the classical music not only can good for our minds and body, that also can reduce the stress, and became an universal language in all of us.

A. Main-point: Good for Minds and body.
i. Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially slow, quiet classical music. This type of music can have a beneficial effect on our:
-physiological functions
-slowing the pulse and heart rate
-lowering blood pressure
-decreasing the levels of stress hormones.

-Improve our brain health
- Help us in improve our focus, memory, speed, attention
ii. Besides that, we also can see the hospitals are also exploring the use of classical music for patients, surgeons and visitors.
(The classical music really is very good for our health, then only have one benefits of listening classical music? No, now I will continue to introduce the second benefits of listening classical music to all of you)

B. Main-point: Reduce Stress
Supporting details
i. classical music has the function to reduce the stress.
When you feel stress, you can:
-Using the classical music relax yours busy life, you can try to playing CDs in the car, or listening the classical music during the bath or shower.
-listening the classical music by Mp3 or take the portable music when you walking the dog.
-If you feel stress and cannot sleep well, put the classical music in low volume to accompany you in sleeping.
-When you busy on your assignment, you can put some classical music around you, that not only can relax you, that also can improve your thinking when you do your assignment.
(If all of you really feel stress in the life, you can try the way I mention you just now. Now we move to last reason why i want promote all of you to listening classical music)

C. Main-point: Universal Language
Supporting details
i. The classical music not differentiates with any religion, race, place, and time.
-We sing or hum it in the showers, even you are not understand the meaning of the classical music.
-listen to it at parties, picnics and other gatherings, in our cars, on the beach, at work and at home while cooking and sweeping.
-No need to understand, just listening then you can release your stress and pressure.
-The music lovers can connection by classical music such as sharing or discuss.

- So i encourage you all listening more classical music, that is really bring the big of benefits to all of you. If you want make friends with me, you also can through the listening classical music to be my friends.
Thank you.